Manage Instance Users

HarperDB instance clustering and replication can be configured directly through the HarperDB Studio. It is recommended to read through the clustering documentation first to gain a strong understanding of HarperDB clustering behavior.

Instance user configuration is handled through the users page of the HarperDB Studio, accessed with the following instructions:

  1. Navigate to the HarperDB Studio Organizations page.

  2. Click the appropriate organization that the instance belongs to.

  3. Select your desired instance.

  4. Click users in the instance control bar.

Note, the users page will only be available to super users.

Add a User

HarperDB instance users can be added with the following instructions.

  1. In the add user panel on the left enter:

    • New user username.

    • New user password.

    • Select a role.

      Learn more about role management here: Manage Instance Roles.

  2. Click Add User.

Edit a User

HarperDB instance users can be modified with the following instructions.

  1. In the existing users panel, click the row of the user you would like to edit.

  2. To change a user’s password:

    1. In the Change user password section, enter the new password.

    2. Click Update Password.

  3. To change a user’s role:

    1. In the Change user role section, select the new role.

    2. Click Update Role.

  4. To delete a user:

    1. In the Delete User section, type the username into the textbox.

      This is done for confirmation purposes.

    2. Click Delete User.

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