Host A Static Web UI

We’ve configured the Custom Functions server to automatically serve any static UI files it finds in a project’s /static folder.
In order to serve your static UI correctly, your UI project must meet the following requirements:
  • Have an index file located at /static/index.html
  • Correctly path any other files relative to index.html
  • If your app makes use of client-side routing, it must have [project_name] as its base (basename for react-router, base for vue-router, etc.):
<Router basename="/dogs">
<Route path="/care" component={CarePage} />
<Route path="/feeding" component={FeedingPage} />
Supporting files, like css, js, and images may be located within subfolders or at the root of the /static folder, whichever you prefer.
If you’re using a framework (React, Vue, etc.), we recommend dropping the output of your build process (your dist or build folder) directly into your project’s /static folder. The output of the build process is usually optimized and compressed, and will be more performant than raw source code.
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