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  • Upgrade: Upgrade to newest version via command line.
  • SQL Support: Added IS NULL for SQL parser.
  • Added attribute validation to search operations.
  • Fixed SELECT calculations, i.e. SELECT 2+2.
  • Fixed select OR not returning expected results.
  • No longer allowing reserved words for schema and table names.
  • Corrected process interruptions from improper SQL statements.
  • Improved message handling between spawned processes that replace killed processes.
  • Enhanced error handling for updates to tables that do not exist.
  • Fixed error handling for NoSQL responses when get_attributes is provided with invalid attributes.
  • Fixed issue with new columns not being updated properly in update statements.
  • Now validating roles, tables and attributes when creating or updating roles.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases undefined was being returned after dropping a role
Last modified 4mo ago