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  • Users & Roles:
    • Limit/Assign access to all HarperDB operations
    • Limit/Assign access to schemas, tables & attributes
    • Limit/Assign access to specific SQL operations (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SELECT)
  • Enhanced SQL parser
    • Added extensive ANSI SQL Support.
    • Added Array function, which allows for converting relational data into Object/Hierarchical data
    • Distinct_Array Function: allows for removing duplicates in the Array function.
    • Enhanced SQL Validation: Improved validation around structure of SQL, validating the schema, etc..
    • 10x performance improvement on SQL statements.
  • Export Function: can now call a NoSQL/SQL search and have it export to CSV or JSON.
  • Added upgrade function to CLI
  • Added ability to perform bulk update from CSV
  • Created landing page for HarperDB.
  • Added CORS support to HarperDB
  • Fixed memory leak in CSV bulk loads
  • Corrected error when attempting to perform a SQL DELETE
  • Added further validation to NoSQL UPDATE to validate schema & table exist
  • Fixed install issue occurring when part of the install path does not exist, the install would silently fail.
  • Fixed issues with replicated data when one of the replicas is down
  • Removed logging of initial user’s credentials during install
  • Can now use reserved words as aliases in SQL
  • Removed user(s) password in results when calling list_users
  • Corrected forwarding of operations to other nodes in a cluster
  • Corrected lag in schema meta-data passing to other nodes in a cluster
  • Drop table & schema now move the table & schema or table to the trash folder under the Database folder for later permanent deletion.
  • Bulk inserts no longer halt the entire operation if n records already exist, instead the return includes the hashes of records that have been skipped.
  • Added ability to accept EULA from command line
  • Corrected search_by_value not searching on the correct attribute
  • Added ability to increase the timeout of a request by adding SERVER_TIMEOUT_MS to config/settings.js
  • Add error handling resulting from SQL calculations.
  • Standardized error responses as JSON.
  • Corrected internal process generation to not allow more processes than machine has cores.
Last modified 4mo ago