HarperDB Tucker (Version 4)

HarperDB version 4 (Tucker release) represents major step forward in database technology. This release line has ground-breaking architectural advancements including:


  • New clustering technology that delivers robust, resilient and high-performance replication

  • Major storage improvements with highly-efficient adaptive-structure modified MessagePack format, with on-demand deserialization capabilities


  • New streaming iterators mechanism that allows query results to be delivered to clients while querying results are being processed, for incredibly fast time-to-first-byte and concurrent processing/delivery

  • New thread-based concurrency model for more efficient resource usage


  • New component architecture and Resource API for advanced, robust custom database application development

  • Real-time capabilites through MQTT, WebSockets, and Server-Sent Events

  • REST interface for intuitive, fast, and standards-compliant HTTP interaction

  • Native caching capabilities for high-performance cache scenarios

  • Clone node functionality


  • Relationships, joins, and broad new querying capabilites for complex and nested conditions, sorting, joining, and selecting with significant query optimizations

  • More advanced transaction support for CRDTs and storage of large integers (with BigInt)

  • Better management with new upgraded local studio and new CLI features

Did you know our release names are dedicated to employee pups? For our fourth release, meet Tucker!

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