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  • Time to Live: Conserve the resources of your edge device by setting data on devices to live for a specific period of time.
  • Geo: HarperDB has implemented turf.js into its SQL parser to enable geo based analytics.
  • Jobs: CSV Data loads, Exports & Time to Live now all run as back ground jobs.
  • Exports: Perform queries that export into JSON or CSV and save to disk or S3.
  • Fixed issue where CSV data loads incorrectly report number of records loaded.
  • Added validation to stop BETWEEN operations in SQL.
  • Updated logging to not include internal variables in the logs.
  • Cleaned up add_role response to not include internal variables.
  • Removed old and unused dependencies.
  • Build out further unit tests and integration tests.
  • Fixed https to handle certificates properly.
  • Improved stability of clustering & replication.
  • Corrected issue where Objects and Arrays were not casting properly in SQL SELECT response.
  • Fixed issue where Blob text was not being returned from SQL SELECTs.
  • Fixed error being returned when querying on table with no data, now correctly returns empty array.
  • Improved performance in SQL when searching on exact values.
  • Fixed error when ./harperdb stop is called.
  • Fixed logging issue causing instability in installer.
  • Fixed read_log operation to accept date time.
  • Added permissions checking to export_to_s3.
  • Added ability to run SQL on SELECT without a FROM.
  • Fixed issue where updating a user’s password was not encrypting properly.
  • Fixed user_guide.html to point to readme on git repo.
  • Created option to have HarperDB run as a foreground process.
  • Updated user_info to return the correct role for a user.
  • Fixed issue where HarperDB would not stop if the database root was deleted.
  • Corrected error message on insert if an invalid schema is provided.
  • Added permissions checks for user & role operations.
Last modified 4mo ago