Components can be easily added by adding a new top level element to your harperdb-config.yaml file.

The configuration comprises two values:

  • component name - can be anything, as long as it follows valid YAML syntax.

  • package - a reference to your component.

  package: HarperDB-Add-Ons/package

Under the hood HarperDB is calling npm install on all components, this means that the package value can be any valid npm reference such as a GitHub repo, an NPM package, a tarball, a local directory or a website.

  package: HarperDB-Add-Ons/package#v2.2.0 # install from GitHub 
  package: harperdb # install from NPM
  package: /Users/harper/cool-component.tar # install from tarball
  package: /Users/harper/local # install from local path
  package: https://harperdb-component # install from URL

When HarperDB is run or restarted it checks to see if there are any new or updated components. If there are, it will dynamically create a package.json file in the rootPath directory and call npm install.

NPM will install all the components in <ROOTPATH>/node_moduels.

The package.json file that is created will look something like this.

  "dependencies": {
    "myGithubComponent": "github:HarperDB-Add-Ons/package#v2.2.0",
    "myNPMComponent": "npm:harperdb",
    "myTarBall": "file:/Users/harper/cool-component.tar",
    "myLocal": "file:/Users/harper/local",
    "myWebsite": "https://harperdb-component"

The package prefix is automatically added, however you can manually set it in your package reference.

  package: file:/Users/harper/cool-component.tar

Installing components using the operations API

To add a component using the operations API use the deploy_component operation.

  "operation": "deploy_component",
  "project": "my-cool-component",
  "package": "HarperDB-Add-Ons/package/mycc"

Another option is to pass deploy_component a base64-encoded string representation of your component as a .tar file. HarperDB can generate this via the package_component operation. When deploying with a payload, your component will be deployed to your <ROOTPATH>/components directory. Any components in this directory will be automatically picked up by HarperDB.

  "operation": "deploy_component",
  "project": "my-cool-component",
  "payload": "NzY1IAAwMDAwMjQgADAwMDAwMDAwMDAwIDE0NDIwMDQ3...."

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