Software Development Kits available for connecting to HarperDB from different languages.


A Dot Net Core client to execute operations against HarperDB

dotnet add package HarperDB.NET.Client --version 1.1.0

A Javascript client for real-time access to HarperDB transactions

npm i -s harperdb-websocket-client

Use HarperDB as the data source for a Gatsby project at the build time

npm i -s gatsby-source-harperdb

The HarperDB EntityFrameworkCore Provider Package for .NET 6.0

dotnet add package HarperDB.EntityFrameworkCore --version 1.0.0

Python3 implementations of HarperDB API functions with wrappers for an object-oriented interface

pip3 install harperdb

A HarperDB SDK for Flutter

flutter pub add harperdb

A ReactJS Hook for HarperDB

npm i -s use-harperdb

Easy drag and drop connections to HarperDB using the Node-Red platform

npm i -s node-red-contrib-harperdb

A HarperDB SDK for NodeJS

npm i -s harperive

A HarperDB SDK for Rust

Cargo.toml > harperdb = '1.0.0'

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