• CORE-1007 Added the ability to perform SQL INSERT & UPDATE with function calls & expressions on values.

  • CORE-1023 Fixed minor bug in final SQL step incorrectly trying to translate ordinals to alias in ORDER BY statement.

  • CORE-1020 Fixed bug allowing 'null' and 'undefined' string values to be passed in as valid hash values.

  • CORE-1006 Added SQL functionality that enables JOIN statements across different schemas.

  • CORE-1005 Implemented JSONata library to handle our JSON document search functionality in SQL, creating the SEARCH_JSON function.

  • CORE-1009 Updated schema validation to allow all printable ASCII characters to be used in schema/table/attribute names, except, forward slashes and backticks. Same rules apply now for hash attribute values.

  • CORE-1003 Fixed handling of ORDER BY statements with function aliases.

  • CORE-1004 Fixed bug related to SELECT* on JOIN queries with table columns with the same name.

  • CORE-996 Fixed an issue where the transact_to_cluster flag is lost for CSV URL loads, fixed an issue where new attributes created in CSV bulk load do not sync to the cluster.

  • CORE-994 Added new operation system_information. This operation returns info & metrics for the OS, time, memory, cpu, disk, network.

  • CORE-993 Added new custom date functions for AlaSQL & UTC updates.

  • CORE-991 Changed jobs to spawn a new process which will run the intended job without impacting a main HarperDB process.

  • CORE-992 HTTPS enabled by default.

  • CORE-990 Updated describe_table to add the record count for the table for LMDB data storage.

  • CORE-989 Killed the socket cluster processes prior to HarperDB processes to eliminate a false uptime.

  • CORE-975 Updated time values set by SQL Date Functions to be in epoch format.

  • CORE-974 Added date functions to SQL SELECT column alias functionality.

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