• CORE-997 Updated the data format for CSV data loads being sync'd across a cluster to take up less resources

  • CORE-1018 Adds SQL functionality for BETWEEN statements

  • CORE-1032 Updates permissions to allow regular users (i.e. non-super users) to call the get_job operation

  • CORE-1036 On create/drop table we auto create/drop the related transactions environments for the schema.table

  • CORE-1042 Built raw functions to write to a tables transaction log for insert/update/delete operations

  • CORE-1057 Implemented write transaction into lmdb create/update/delete functions

  • CORE-1048 Adds SEARCH wildcard handling for role permissions standards

  • CORE-1059 Added config setting to disable transaction logging for an instance

  • CORE-1076 Adds permissions filter to describe operations

  • CORE-1043 Change clustering catchup to use the new transaction log

  • CORE-1052 Removed word "master" from source

  • CORE-1061 Added new operation called delete_transactions_before this will tail a transaction log for a specific schema / table

  • CORE-1040 On HarperDB startup make sure all tables have a transaction environment

  • CORE-1055 Added 2 new setting to change the server headersTimeout & keepAliveTimeout from the config file

  • CORE-1044 Created new operation read_transaction_log which will allow a user to get transactions for a table by timestamp, username, or hash_value

  • CORE-1043 Change clustering catchup to use the new transaction log

  • CORE-1089 Added new attribute to system_information for table/transaction log data size in bytes & transaction log record count

  • CORE-1101 Fix to store empty strings rather than considering them null & fix to be able to search on empty strings in SQL/NoSQL.

  • CORE-1054 Updates permissions object to remove delete attribute permission and update table attribute permission key to attribute_permissions

  • CORE-1092 Do not allow the __createdtime__ to be updated

  • CORE-1085 Updates create schema/table & drop schema/table/attribute operations permissions to require super user role and adds integration tests to validate

  • CORE-1071 Updates response messages and status codes from describe_schema and describe_table operations to provide standard language/status code when a schema item is not found

  • CORE-1049 Updates response message for SQL update op with no matching rows

  • CORE-1096 Added tracking of the origin in the transaction log. This origin object stores the node name, timestamp of the transaction from the originating node & the user.

Bug Fixes

  • CORE-1028 Fixes bug for simple SQL SELECT queries not returning aliases and incorrectly returning hash values when not requested in query

  • CORE-1037 Fixed an issue where numbers with leading zero i.e. 00123 are converted to numbers rather than being honored as strings.

  • CORE-1063 Updates permission error response shape to consolidate issues into individual objects per schema/table combo

  • CORE-1098 Fixed an issue where transaction environments were remaining in the global cache after being dropped.

  • CORE-1086 Fixed issue where responses from insert/update were incorrect with skipped records.

  • CORE-1079 Fixes SQL bugs around invalid schema/table and special characters in WHERE clause

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