• CORE-1191, CORE-1190, CORE-1125, CORE-1157, CORE-1126, CORE-1140, CORE-1134, CORE-1123, CORE-1124, CORE-1122 Added JWT Authentication option (See documentation for more information)

  • CORE-1128, CORE-1143, CORE-1140, CORE-1129 Added upsert operation

  • CORE-1187 Added get_configuration operation which allows admins to view their configuration settings.

  • CORE-1175 Added new internal LMDB function to copy an environment for use in future features.

  • CORE-1166 Updated packages to address security vulnerabilities.

Bug Fixes

  • CORE-1195 Modified drop_attribute to drop after data cleanse completes.

  • CORE-1149 Fix SQL bug regarding self joins and updates alasql to 0.6.5 release.

  • CORE-1168 Fix inconsistent invalid schema/table errors.

  • CORE-1162 Fix bug which caused delete_files_before to cause tables to grow in size due to an open cursor issue.

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