• CORE-1217, CORE-1226, CORE-1232 Create new search_by_conditions operation.

  • CORE-1304 Upgrade to Node 12.22.1.

  • CORE-1235 Adds new upgrade/install functionality.

  • CORE-1206, CORE-1248, CORE-1252 Implement lmdb-store library for optimized performance.

  • CORE-1062 Added alias operation for delete_files_before, named delete_records_before.

  • CORE-1243 Change HTTPS_ON settings value to false by default.

  • CORE-1189 Implement fastify web server, resulting in improved performance.

  • CORE-1221 Update user API to use role name instead of role id.

  • CORE-1225 Updated dependencies to eliminate npm security warnings.

  • CORE-1241 Adds 3.0 update directive and refactors/fixes update functionality.

Bug Fixes

  • CORE-1299 Remove all references to the PROJECT_DIR setting. This setting is problematic when using node version managers and upgrading the version of node and then installing a new instance of HarperDB.

  • CORE-1288 Fix bug with drop table/schema that was causing 'env required' error log.

  • CORE-1285 Update warning log when trying to create an attribute that already exists.

  • CORE-1254 Added logic to manage data collisions in clustering.

  • CORE-1212 Add pre-check to drop_user that returns error if user doesn't exist.

  • CORE-1114 Update response code and message from add_user when user already exists.

  • CORE-1111 Update response from create_attribute to match the create schema/table response.

  • CORE-1205 Fixed bug that prevented schema/table from being dropped if name was a number or had a wildcard value in it. Updated validation for insert, upsert and update.

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